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Souto Zen

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Hojuji Temple

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Respectable Buddha

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When (1568) 454 years ago and 22nd generation Mr. Kouyu Ito


This body is like a Linden Tree (Buddhist’s tree) that is also well-known as “The Awakening Tree”, a pure heart like a mirror with its beautiful mind.

Therefore, we must maintain its purity without leaving and dust.

Originally, a temple is a place wherein nurturing the believers in a Buddhist way then apply and practice what they’ve learned. During the war, the temples manifested their objectives through serving the people by allowing them to use their so-called “terakoya” which is similar to small private schools. Thus, a lot of people gathered to the temples for security and education.

Nonetheless, how or what do you think “temples” stand for apparently?

Say this body is the “Awakening Tree”, although no matter how we search in our heart or body, we can never find a Linden Tree in it. We say a pure heart like a mirror, but there is no rack nor pedestal in it. It is a fact that there are no such things in our heart and body. Thus, why they become dark and dusty?

From the poem of a respectable person Mr.Eno (Buddha’s disciple) and one of my favorite books that is well-known all over the globe “Le Petit Prince” or “The Little Prince”…

  1. A star is much beautiful because of a flower not visible to the eye.
  2. What makes a desert beautiful is that somewhere, it hides a oasis…

Therefore, the most important things are those that can not be seen.

“Affection” has no color nor formation. However, when people got affected by something we got moved, laughed or cried. Affection is not visible, nevertheless, it must be formed and showed to people.

I am telling this not only because I’m a monk but by being a person who believes that it must be the good way to live…

We are born through our parent’s warm love and affection, guide by the pioneers. We bring up the delicacy of the youth’s mind, sensitive women, we share our lives. In this blessed country Japan, we all exist.

Respectable Buddha and his disciple built a great teaching that carved into their hearts. In this high-technology world, we can’t just lose it. Faith must be planted and be raised in order for us to have good hearts.

Nevertheless, majority of people will be able to seek things that are visible unto the eye, with formations that can be shared, a warm place to show affection not only through words but by application.

From the bottom of our hearts, these are the great desires and objectives of our Hojuji Temple.

By: Kouyu Ito

22nd Generation CEO


Hojuji Temple was built 454 years ago at Sendai She Taihaku ku Akiu Machi, Sakaino.

The very first CEO was Monk Shouzan Eishou and the first person who built it was Shinano Morihaisa of Sakaino.

830 years ago, there was a so-called Genie War (1180-1185), a conflict between the Taira Minamoto clans in Dan-no-ura during the late Heian period of Japan.

In Taira clans, the grandson of Mr.Shigemori, Mr.Nagamoto (please scroll down) escaped with the Heike’s (one-storey-house) treasures and books to Kinokuni (current Wakayama Prefecture). And then, a relative of Heike, Mr.Kumano hid at Sai’s castle.

The following year, through the guidance of the elder son of Mr. Kuninaga, he left Kumano.

They halted at Mount Haguro to pray at Yamadara Temple. The mountain ranges didn’t cease them to reach Nikkawa (Sendai City).

They said that Mr. Nagatomo passed away in Nikkawa (Sendai City) and had a grave in it.

Hence, the elder son of Mr. Nagamoto came to Sendai after his death.

From then on, it became the generation of Mr. Morisada, the elder grandson of Mr.Motomori. They conquered the hight-village of Akiu, and renamed himself as Mr. Akiu.

The Akiu family built a castle in Nagafukuro of Tateyama Prefecture, then they managed the village of Akiu Town. From the 14th generation of Mr. Nagamoto, Mr.Morihisa Akiu became independent 450 years ago (1558-1570), then shared the Sakaino Village to Nikkawa Village. And the family named turned into Mr.Sakaino.

Mr. Morihisa Sakaino built this Hojuji Temple. Hence, the citizens of Sakaino Village and Nikkawa Village outrageously became the believers of Hojuji Temple. Until now they still come to pray…


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